Published Work

Here is a list of my work that has been published exclusively by other organizations. 

I'm always working on the next big thing! Stay tuned to find out what's next for me. 


The Lady Project Holiday Guide

The LP Holiday Guide is full of gift ideas, recipes, how-tos, and articles about the wonderful ladies, who are part of this organization. My homemade Peppermint Cheesecake in a Jar was featured on page 34! My creation was inspired from PopSugar's recipe in early November for pumpkin cheesecake. 

Recipe, text, and photos all my own. 


Goblin Market Restaurant Review 

After visiting the Goblin Market in Mount Dora, FL, I wrote a review of my experience on my travel blog I had been using for school. The restaurant came across it and posted it on their Facebook page to share with their followers. You can find the post at the link below. The blog article is also here on this website. 


Adoption Gave Me My Mom

As an adopted child, it’s a struggle to make people see it that way. The term “mother” is thrown around with little understanding of what it means to an adopted child. To us, who were adopted, a mother is an angel. 



More Featured Content Coming Soon!

Hmm, what am I writing next??