Welcome friends, fellow millennials, photographer-wanters, travelers and foodies, to my eclectic site!



Sometimes you just need to be a little humorous to get the point across. My blog, formerly Thoughts in Your Twenties, focuses on millennials and the issues we face today, from graduating, to job hunting, to dating, to just plain living. Expanding on that blog, though, I have written [Travel] posts and [Food] posts. Check them all out here!



Taking photos started out as an interest, turned into a hobby, and is now a fascination. It defies physics and freezes a moment in time. I've had the honor of photographing engagements, expecting mothers, infants, and weddings. However, my all-time favorites are the nature photos. My photography, Zachrielle Photography, was named so because Zachriel is the guardian angel of memories. And who doesn't love an angel?



People might say money makes the world go 'round, but I'm pretty sure it's food. From photos of food from amazing eateries to making my own recipes, you'll find loads of delicious things at this link! I like trends, but only when it's a food trend, so check this link often for new and fun ideas. Feel free to comment if you've tried any of my recipes or if you have suggestions. 

Available for hire to write and photograph  - please feel free to contact for more information