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Prickly Pear Perfection

Prickly Pear Perfection

Small confession... I LOVE cacti, succulents and all things dessert-made. That includes prickly pear and all its glory! Have you tried anything prickly pear flavored? Starbucks had a summertime frappuccino in honor of this deliciousness, so chances are that a good number of you #basic kids tried it. 

PricklyPearDonuffins (11).jpg

I went on Amazon to find the best prickly pear syrup and found the best named company possible, Grow A Pear. 

So, bought myself some syrup and started baking!

Mini Muffins with a prickly pear glaze. DELISH. 

I followed Sally's Baking Addiction recipe for mini powdered doughnuts (minus the cinnamon) but put them in mini muffin tins instead because I lacked the ability to make doughnut holes (lol). 

Then for the glaze, I used the classic recipe: 

2 cups powdered sugar 

1 1/2 tbsp prickly pear 

Splash of water 


Add them all together and stir to get the right consistency for you (more powdered sugar for thicker glaze, more prickly pear syrup for a more thin glaze with more flavor, etc.)

PricklyPearDonuffins (7).JPG


Lastly, enjoy!

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