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Ice Cream Cake Cones

Ice Cream Cake Cones

These are my party go-to treats! These cake-stuffed ice cream cones are so easy and versatile that you can make them for any party/event/holiday. Go color-crazy, go toppings-crazy, or keep it basic.


Here's the general recipe:

1 box of ice cream cones (large 12 or small 24)

1 cake mix box (any flavor)

Ingredients the cake mix asks for (i.e. - oil, eggs, water, butter, etc.)

Toppings! (Melted chocolate, sprinkles, candies, nuts, icing, and more!)



Mix ingredients according to the box instructions

Spray cupcake pan or mini-cupcake pan with cooking spray

Place cones in cupcake pan

Fill cones up until 1/2 inches to the top of the cone

Bake in 350-degrees for 20-25 minutes

Cool completely




My varieties include:

4th of July Ice Cream Cakes:

1. Blue velvet cake mix

2. Vanilla Icing - half dyed blue and the remainder stays white to swirl

3. Red, White, and Blue sprinkles

Valentine's Day Ice Cream Cakes

1. Strawberry cake mix

2. Chocolate melts

3. Valentine's sprinkles/ pink-red-white sprinkles/ heart sprinkles


Snickers Ice Cream Cakes

1. Chocolate cake mix

2. Peanut butter (rim of cone after baked)

3. Vanilla icing

4. Snickers crumbles


Snickers and MMs Cones (3).JPG

M&Ms Ice Cream Cakes

1. Chocolate cake mix

2. White icing (on rim of cone after baked and top)

3. M&Ms crushed


Now go get those creative-juices flowing and start brainstorming your next party treat ideas! Post and tag me in your social media photos of your ideas @ZachriellePhoto



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