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Hippie Bark is Totes Chill

Hippie Bark is Totes Chill

Want something sweet for after dinner but are also trying to stay away from heavy desserts?  Here is your next addiction!


Hippie Bark - which I first came across via the Taste Love and Nourish blog pin on Pimterest- is a great way to healthily indulge that sweet tooth. I have a MAJOR sweet tooth but with this recipe I don't feel guilty at all!


It's super simple and allows you to get creative!



My version includes:

Dove dark chocolate squares


Almond slices

Coconut chips (no sugar added)

Dried cranberries

Dried apricots

Dried blueberries

Note: you can use anything as a topping: any kind of nut, seed, dried fruit, coconut chips, apple chips, whatever you have laying around.


The process is also super easy:

Chop the ingredients in small bits

Melt dark chocolate (any type: chips, squares, a chocolate bar, etc.)

Spread the melted chocolate on a wax piece of paper and spread in a square shape

Drop bits of nuts and dried fruit onto melted chocolate

Put wax paper in the fridge to harden

Take it out, break into pieces, and an enjoy!


I left the leftover bark in the fridge because I love the cold chocolate plus it keep sit hard

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