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How College Dorms Prepare You For Work Life

How College Dorms Prepare You For Work Life

Let’s be honest, we all thought we had escaped the pain and TMI-ness of life in a college dormitory, but little did we know that working in an office is basically the same thing.

For starters, you spend more time with your coworkers than you do anyone else, including more time than you spend by yourself. It’s like having a roommate that also has all the same classes as you, so you spend almost every waking (or functioning) hour with them.

Secondly, you learn far too much about them. You will learn their habits quickly, like who sneezes dramatically or who is the one most likely to get sick or who chews with their mouth open. Along the same thought, though, is that they also learn all about you, and they won’t be shy about pointing it out. Yes I know I eat a lot of crunchy snacks, but it’s called being hangry, so everyone needs. to. calm. down.

Also, you learn when not to talk to someone, just like you knew when to avoid talking to your roommate after that late night out or after you overheard her shouting on the phone with her boyfriend - or ex now? Honestly, you become great at reading moods, so it’s sort of a win. Plus, you learn quickly different routes to escape.

There’s also the awkwardness of dorm-rooming-living that comes with working in an office. One of those things is the bathroom encounters… like after you’ve had too much coffee… but there are three other people with the same issues in the bathroom…and you have a bathroom-standoff. The terror of “common bathrooms” in college was just training for the real world. Finally, college prepared me for something!

Another awkward encounter is the smelly food some people bring in to your living space - or work space - and the death trap of being stuck between carpeted, cube walls. Who brings fish into an office? Just like your roommate who brought back weird smelling food after she went home for the weekend; food that just sat in the fridge, violently attacking your nostrils every time you opened the door, and that made you question if her parents knew how to cook.

In the end, college life was good for something, other than learning your alcohol tolerance level. How else does work life compared to dorm life? Share in the comments below!


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