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Procrastinating: Adulting Version

Procrastinating: Adulting Version

Didn't you think you were so cool procrastinating in college? Everyone would be panicking about some paper, project or test and you'd come strolling in last-minute and crush it? Well, you're not cool anymore. 

The adult-version of procrastination is totally opposite of that. You don't get to be the cool kid anymore. Instead, you're that one really old person in your college Lit class who sat right in the front row with a #2 pencil and pad of legal paper, who everyone looked at with a mix of pity and a tiny (very tiny) bit of admiration for 'going back to school.'

This is what procrastination in your 20s and 30s looks like, aka: adulting procrastination.

There are also no good things that come from missing deadlines at this age. Back in college, you’d get the respect of your peers for being so gutsy and pushing the limits. Now, you just get a lot of negative juju, including:

1. A terrible credit score and the increasingly bad chance that you'll ever get approved to buy anything... not even an electric toothbrush.

2. A better chance of you never getting married because you're too lazy to jump into the 'dating game' and keep saying to yourself: “next month I’ll go on an app.”

3. An even better chance that no one will show up to your possible, far-in-the-future wedding because you keep putting off those coffee dates/brunches/meet ups with your friends.

4. A bigger likelihood that you will gain a significant amount of weight since you keep putting off going to the gym... while simultaneously NOT putting off the overindulgence of Starbucks, sugary calorie-filled ventis.

5. An even more likely chance that you will be known as the Late One at work and consistently get shade thrown at you from everyone who ever has a meeting with you... you're the reason we book the room 15 minutes in advance.

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