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Expectation vs. Reality: March

Expectation vs. Reality: March

We've made it to springtime! It's going to be warm! The flowers are going to bloom again! Oh, how the expectations are set so high and oh, how hard they plummet.

1. The 'springtime' air

Expectation: Fresh air and crisp clean oxygen as a pleasant change from the frozen, wintery months.

Reality: Pollen. Lots of pollen. Nonstop sneezing. Red eyes like you're high. You're a mess.


2. The temperature

Expectation: The scarves and jackets get put away for next year and the cute capris come out to play!

Reality: Warming up... bam, bomb cyclone...


3. The Season of the Cookies

Expectation: You're able to control yourself, remembering your suffering from eating dozens of boxes of samoas last year, and only buy one box to support the Girl Scouts.

Reality: You get fat. Really fat. Those Girls know how to wheel-and-deal, and you're a total sucker.


4. Easter

Expectation: A cleaning of your soul, refreshing your outlook on life and reawakening your spirit.

Reality: You're reminded of your fear of bunnies while you also eat yourself into sugar shock on those Cadbury eggs.


5. Spring Break

Expectation: It's time for another break right? The middle of Christmas and summer vacation means cruises to Mexico and drinking out of coconuts!

Reality: You work, and there's no spring break in the real world. Just the slow realization you need to make it to Memorial weekend.

Expectation vs. Reality: Dating as an Adult

Expectation vs. Reality: Dating as an Adult

Expectation vs. RL: Valentine's Day

Expectation vs. RL: Valentine's Day