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How to Survive the Super Bowl

How to Survive the Super Bowl

The end of the most obnoxious sports season is upon us. We only have one game left until those crazy fans go back in hibernation. Only one night stands between us and calmness.

But how do you get over the hump? How do you survive Super Bowl night? Here's how to pull through like a boss:


T-minus 4 hours = The food prep, i.e. storming your local grocery store, fighting people for cases of beer and grabbing whatever chips are left on the shelf at this point

T-minus 3 hours = Puppy Bowl time! So basically, the only game we're actually care about... well that and the kitten bowl <3

T-minus 2 hours = Googling what teams are playing so you can wear the appropriate colors because let's be honest,  your interests only lie in getting that perfect Insta photo

T-minus 1 hour = The pre-gaming, i.e. getting into the zone (not the end-zone, although you wish it were the end... zone.) so you can start to get on the level of the crazy fans around you

Game time = Only one whistle-blow away from the commercials! AKA: the best part of this whole night


1 hour in = You're beyond stuffed with carbs, cheese and alcohol that you're sweating grease and mentally hating yourself

Half-time = Freedom from the game! Also, you're all taking bets on whether Beyonce shows up again

The rest of the night = Counting down until you can go home and sleep because who ever thought of putting this national event on a Sunday night?!



Feminism = Male + Female

Feminism = Male + Female

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