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Expectation vs. RL: Valentine's Day

Expectation vs. RL: Valentine's Day

It’s that time of year again when we totally reevaluate our love life – or lack thereof – and hate everyone around us. We have high hopes of what the day will bring. We have incredible expectations. And then real life happens.

1. Finding a Date

Expectation: Some mysterious, sexy secret admirer comes out of the woodwork and whisks us off our feet

Real Life: Everyone else has already been coupled off


2. Couples

Expectation: Everyone is paired off so perfectly

Real Life: Everyone is grossly paired off so perfectly that you want to vomit


 3. The gifts

Expectation: Dozens of flowers show up at work, surprise chocolates delivered throughout the day and a new, little kitten waiting for you when you get home from work

Reality: You’re sneaking around stealing chocolates off other people’s desks at work


 4. Dinner

Expectation: A sweet date, at a trendy restaurant that your significant other reserved months ago as an overly romantic gesture

Real Life: You’re eating pizza… on the couch… by yourself


 5. Love

Expectation: You're happily in love with the most perfect partner, smiling from ear to ear and always light-hardheartedly laughing

Real Life: Food is love and love is food. That's it.

Expectation vs. Reality: March

Expectation vs. Reality: March

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