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How to Make Decisions as an Adult

How to Make Decisions as an Adult

Being an adult is hard. It is just too much work, too much thinking, too many consequences. Honestly, it’s highly-overrated. You make one wrong tiny decision and suddenly you can see the avalanche of consequences thundering toward you. What are such decisions, you ask?

There is a multitude of options: where to live, what career to chase, what job to take, what job to leave, maybe intern first, or maybe follow your dreams first right out of the gate? Then, there is always the classic healthcare, taxes, eating, bills and what cat food isn’t going to upset Fluffy.

How do you handle it all? Here’s the basic breakdown:

1. Your brain will promptly notify you of decision-overload


2. Whatever decision comes to mind first is going to be the one you choose to worry about most


3. You will realize every other decision you choose to ignore will be GREATLY affected by the one you are focusing on


4. Your brain will react to the stress by telling you that you want to watch Netflix now


5. (days later) Your brain will suddenly remind you of the decision that needs to be made… at 4:12am…


6. You will drink and eat a lot in the days to follow

 7. You then go days thinking everything is fine and just assume everything will fall into place, thus relieving you of any pressing responsibility


8. Finally, you will be forced to make a decision because you verbalized it to one person and now have to stick with it

 And there you go. See? Isn’t that helpful to know?


How to Make Decisions as an Adult

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