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Dear Coffee

Dear Coffee

Ah, coffee: the only legalized ecstasy in the world. Happy #NationalCoffeeDay to all you self-proclaimed addicts. 

It’s bitter. It’s sweet. It's bittersweet.

It's the "good" in good morning. It's the only ray of sunshine Monday through Friday. 

Because of your greatness, you deserve your own day, Coffee! 

To the plain, black, bitter original: Thanks for being that sudden shock of bitter nastiness to wake us up in less than a minute. Thanks for being the cold-shower version of coffee to snap us to reality

To the sophisticated, slightly sweet, iced coffees: Thank you for cooling us on those hot summer days (so every day in Florida), while simultaneously giving us a little extra potent buzz

To the lattes, cappuccinos, expressos, and macchiatos: Thank you for making us feel pretty while we drink you. Also, thank you for taking all of our money

To the stale work-coffee: Thank you for giving us a reason to get up from our desk and for also making us appreciate Dunkin' Donuts

To the K-Cups: Thank you for the Wawa-coffee at home

To the smell: Thank you for that sweet aroma. And, thank you for the bad breath; it's so worth it 

And most importantly, thank you for always being there. 

#NationalCoffeeDay #CoffeeDay2017 #CoffeeDay #CoffeeLove

Original version of the post found on my previous blog: Thoughts in your Twenties

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