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How to be Humorously Single

How to be Humorously Single

It's easy to feel down when you're surrounded by couples, engaged friends, and wedding season. Maybe you feel like you should be sad that you're single or you should feel like you're missing out on something. But you're not! In fact, you're better off. So here's how to be *happily* and humorously single;  


1. You're LESS of an adult
Think about; you are by yourself, not having to support yourself while also paying for things for another person. So you have less adulting to do if you're single. 

2.  You don't have to panic during holidays and overthink your entire existence
Now, every Christmas and Valentines you don't need to overthink a relationships. You don't need to panic about picking the best gift out for a significant other. You don't need to spend extra money on anyone; now you can shop for YOU!

3. One less birthday to remember
Let's be honest, you barely remember your own. Not to mention you never remember your brothers' or mom's. So why add another to the mix? Free up some space in your brain. 

4. All the food is yours
You don't have to share any appetizers or pizza or wine with someone. It's all yours. ALL The FOOD.

5. The bed is all yours
Legit, the whole bed. No one constricting you with their arms, no snoring, nothing. Just you and all the comfy blankets. 

6. You don't have to suffer from first-date-syndrome
You're mentally and emotionally freer: no initialing chatting over the phone to get to the date, no worrying about what to wear, no worrying about how little to eat in front of the other person, no time to think about how boring your life sounds, no pain from trying to smile the whole time, and no worrying about how to turn down date #2. SO FREE. 

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