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Expectation vs. RL: Harry Potter Edition

Expectation vs. RL: Harry Potter Edition

In honor of the 20th anniversary of HP entering this world in the life-changing month of June 1997, the latest version of Expectation vs. Real Life is honorably themed after Harry Potter himself. After all, this series did teach us many things, brought meaning to life, and reminded us how boring our lives really are. For all you twenty-somethings out there, here's a muggle's struggle. 

1. Turning 11

Expectation: AWESOME and MAGICAL

Reality: An early-life reminder that you're not magical and you won't be able to marry Harry Potter

2. Getting Into College

Expectation: the Sorting Hat puts you in the most perfect college, the perfect program, etc.

Reality: You literally have to win the lottery to get in college

3. Your Professors

Expectation: Bad*** witches and wizards teaching you awesome stuff

Reality: Boring, old people giving you a billion boring, old things to read

4. Your School Year

Expectation: Action-packed (starting in the spring semester, obvi) and basically life-or-death

Reality: Death by boredom

5. Friendships

Expectation: Meeting a low-key celebrity and becoming BFFs

Reality: Meeting your best friend at lunch on the first day because you both fought for the same, remote spot away from everyone else

6. Losing Your Keys

Expectation: No problem! Accio keys... and accio car!

Reality: You're 30 minutes late to a meeting and lose your job

7. Chores and All Other Basic Responsibilities

Expectations: Bewitch some stuff and watch TV, win-win

Reality: No time to clean or watch TV, lose-lose

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