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A Letter for Twenty-Somethings

A Letter for Twenty-Somethings

Dear young "adults",

Feel like a whole lot is happening all at once? Is life starting to become bi-polar? Are you starting to get dizzy from all of the changes?

Good because that's when you start really experiencing life.

Things happen: old friends disappear and new friends appear, jobs come and go, interests peak and die out.


As cheesy as it sounds, it's so totally and completely true. I mean, A LOT happens in your twenties. Big things. Many people in their 30s say that's the important decade, or people in their 40s believe that's when true realization hits.

But... you have to get through your twenties to make it to those other "so totally cool" decades in life.

What could possibly happen after undergrad, you ask?

1. Friends will leave you [literally & figuratively]

The majority of your friends will move away and slowly (or drastically if you're super unlucky) stop texting. Or your friends will be geographically nearby but will emotionally check out. Why? They find a significant other, they get married, they have kids, or they just drift out of the picture on their own.

What to do: Remember, you found those friends at some point, so you can find new ones - stop being lazy.

2. You will have a ton of internal conflicts

Some include but are not limited to: eating healthy and eating anything with cheese, bread or sugar; talking to the guy (or girl) who is no good for you or ignoring them to prove a point; spending your money on self-pity gifts or saving for future self-pity gifts; finding whatever job you can to get money or searching for your dream job; etc.

What to do: Accept that you won't sleep for a few years.

3. You could potentially move back home

Yay, you're officially a kid again, who needs parental support. Hey, you can't help it though! Society hasn't really prepped you for the moments right after undergrad. Very few have their ducks in a row. Most twenty-somethings don't even have all their ducks present, not to mention the weird grouping they're in instead of a line. Sometimes you just have to go back to the drawing board - aka your childhood bedroom - and figure things out.

What to do: Remember how you snuck out of your window when you were sixteen.

4. You could totally change career paths

Undergrad was so fun and you worked your butt off - maybe. But now you're done with that and need to figure out what you can do with that super unique, narrow-fielded degree you chose. You definitely run into trouble when there are no jobs open in that field, and chances are there won't be any jobs open... sorry.

What to do: Panic, and then realize you can go back to school then cry a little ad then pray someone will take pity on your soul.

5. You will be single at some point

Not to be totally pessimistic, but there is a high probability that you won't be in a relationship for your entire twenties. So, buckle up and get over it. Being single isn't bad, so please don't sulk over it. And just know that you aren't completely alone - there are tons of singles out there mulling around like The Walking Dead extras.

What to do: Do what you want when you want; be selfish... and binge watch every damn episode of every damn show on Netflix while you stuff your face with Halo Top Ice Cream.

6. You will probably move a lot

First, you usually move away from college after graduation - there's one. And sometimes you have to move back home. Then you move out closer to your job. Some people even move in with their SOs - that's another move....and some break up and have to move out again. Yipee.

What to do: Save your boxes!

So, you see? It's not all bad! I mean, it could be if you let it get you down, but just remember to turn that sarcasm dial up real high and smirk your way through your twenty-somethings.





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