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These Facts Will Turn You Green

These Facts Will Turn You Green

It's Earth month, and that means we have 30 out of 356 days to thank our lovely planet for life, and only 1 single day that we actually think about it (#EarthDay). And then it is on to forgetting once again.So, may I present to you, facts about our not-so-green-living-lives that will make you turn sickly green.

[Also, make sure to check out the last fact for some INSANE information…mind-blowingly unfortunate.]

  1. Each of us creates 4.7lbs of trash A DAY. We are complete rubbish.

  2. 54% of our trash ends up in landfills.

  3. 75% of our waste products are recyclable but we only recycle 30% of it.

  4. If we composted the 21.5 million tons of food waste, then it would be equivalent to taking 2 million cars off the road.

  5. We throw away 28 million bottles and jar every year.

  6. We’re doing better on recycling paper! Recycling has increased over 90% since 1990.
    High-fiving a million angels right now.

  7. In 2011, less than 10% of businesses recycled…. great.

  8.  The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – how disgusting are we?
    Located 1,000 miles west of San Fransisco in the Pacific Ocean….literally a garbage dump in the ocean
    3 MILLION TONS of garbage
    TWICE the size of Texas
    Clockwise trade wins along Pacific Rim pushes garbage from ships, beaches, etc. to this central area
    It’s 80% plastic



You’re welcome. I hope you remember at least one of these facts. If not, well you stink. But that’s for another day! Happy #EarthMonth everyone!

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