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Expectation vs RL: Politics

Expectation vs RL: Politics

From the little we remember from our high school government class, we can sort of figure out things right now are a little off from the usual...

We have high expectations for our politicians, our government, the Law. But, the reality is: sh** hit the fan and rained down on D.C., am I right? Let's look at the expectation versus reality when it comes to politics...


1. Honesty

Expectation: We can believe about 75% of what politicians say

Reality: We are only 75% sure politicians even know the word "honesty" exists, but then they also deny its existence

2. The News

Expectation: Important things are talked about, worldly news is reported on, educational pieces are presented by panels of smart people, etc.

Reality: News anchors yell at each other about their political leanings, and everyone says everyone is lying - as I'm lying.... on the couch with an entire bottle of wine at the ready

3. "For the People"

Expectation: Programs and services are created with the average family in mind (i.e. the 99%)

Reality: We learn quickly that the average-Joe in the mind of a politician is a super rich, white man (i.e. the 1%)

4. Voting

Expectation: There's a clear-cut choice

Reality: You have no idea what's even going on

5. Laws

Expectation: It takes time and a lot of research to create the best law that will positively affect the largest number of people

Reality: Some guy with a pen randomly decides on enacting a law and ruins all of our lives



The funny part is that if things ended up differently, other people would be complaining about the same stuff that's going on now. So, let's all just get over ourselves and work together for once.

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