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Hands Up! Life is a Roller Coaster

Hands Up! Life is a Roller Coaster

“Life is a roller coaster.” How many times have we heard that in our two-decades or so on this planet? I mean unless you are afraid of going at uncontrollable high-speeds, being hurtled into the air, and being twisted in ways you did not think possible, roller coasters are great! So why do people say that line so negatively?

Terrifyingly fun is a better way to describe it, I guess. Life after undergrad is basically its own little roller coaster, apart from the full life roller coaster.

Here are the stages of life..I mean roller coaster riding….

1. Get on the roller coaster, keep your hands and arms inside:  the day of graduation

2. Climbing upward for what feels like an eternity, hurtled into unknown territory: the first summer or semester after undergrad, applying to jobs or waiting for graduate school

3. The first stomach-dropping dip: starting that first job or just getting an interview


4. The first upside-down loop: NOT getting that first job 


5.  Another heart-stopping drop: You hate your job and feel like you are stuck there forever


6. The high-speed twist or turn: everyone around you is getting engaged/married/having children




7. Sky-rocketed back into the air: you realize you don’t want to be married but instead be free


8. Gravity doing its job again and hurling you back to earth: you realize you got the wrong degree in undergrad and have no prospects of a good future


9. Slow, loud grinding stop back at the ride gates: you realize you have to go back to school…crap.

You're not along, though, so don't let it take you down! I'm in the row in front of you, so plug your ears.

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