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365 Days Later...

365 Days Later...

We all remember where we were one year ago today. Crying in the bathroom or gaining 20-lbs from stress-eating ourselves into oblivion.

Do you know what takes a year?

One year for the Earth to orbit the sun

One year to enjoy at least like 10 holidays and get birthday presents

One year to make a baby, deliver it, and have 3-mos to spare

One year to realize how dumb people are (I'm not pointing fingers)

elecction humor.jpg

One year of major gun violence and terrorist attacks

One year to dismantle our society

One year to take 1,000 steps back in civil rights

One year of offending a major portion of the country

One year of sexual assault cases that are still being ignored

One year of watching hope go right out the window


But within that one year of chaos were tiny, shining moments like the literal shining moment of the total solar eclipse or when Beyonce had twins or when T-Swift came out from under the rock she called home or when the first American woman won the NYC marathon or when that lady flicked off a motorcade and stood up for herself after she got fired for it... 

Anyway, you get the point. It's been an interesting, stressful and annoying year but at least we have weird food trends to always distract us. 

Phases of Thanksgiving Prep

Phases of Thanksgiving Prep

Expectation vs. RL: Fall

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