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Phases of Thanksgiving Prep

Phases of Thanksgiving Prep

We all know what this wonderful, festive, turkey-filled time of year means: time to get FAT. We aren’t even shameful about it. We know it’s coming, and we have totally accepted it. As we approach the last week until doomsday, we have to be mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for Thanksgiving dinner.


Phase One: Stretching

….because we all know that eating such massive amounts of food requires agile and overstretched bodies. 



Phase Two: Practice the Stare Down

…because grandma doesn’t stand a chance, and YOU will get that last scoop of stuffing. Get those elbows ready, it's smack-down time. 



Phase Three: Mind Games

….because like they always say “mind over matter”, so obviously, you can’t gain weight if your mind isn’t in it.



Phase Four: House Prep

…because all the mirrors need to be covered and scales tucked far, far away.



Phase Five: Social Media Cleanse

…because we need to post all our skinny photos now and just hide from Instagram and Facebook for the next couple weeks after gorging on turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and miscellaneous carbs. 


So all that's left is some good luck messages and see you on the other side! 


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