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[Travel] Mount Dora, FL

[Travel] Mount Dora, FL

I frequently find myself dreaming of going on quick one-day adventures and how fun it would be to do that in a state like California, where the beach, mountains, desert, and metropolitan are at every corner. I never usually think of Florida as having fun day trips, but then again, I’m a Floridian, and we often lose sight of our hometown beauty.

My mom and I decided to take a girls trip on Thursday during the holiday break. She thought of Mount Dora, and with it only being a little over two hours away, I was interested in checking it out. We looked online at what there was to offer… food and shops. Definitely interested!

I looked up cool things to do in the area with no one thing standing out. Instead, I searched best food places in Florida because let’s face it: I love food more than anything (except you, Mom). After checking a Buzzfeed article, I found the hidden gem of Mount Dora!

May I introduce: the Goblin Market Restaurant

What a quaint little place this was! Not only is the inside decked with walls of books, but also it feels like the dining room of an inn. Four-seat tables are scattered throughout the two dining spaces and rows of old encyclopedias and other books tower alongside you. But, if it's a gorgeous day out like the day we went, then choose to sit outside! They have two small patio areas, one in the front of the restaurant and one in the back. Trees line the one side of the patio area with the most unique outdoor decorations. There is definitely shade if you need it, especially on the back patio. The front outdoor seating area is a little more exposed to the sun. There is also an upstairs, which seems to be used for larger parties, but I'm not completely sure since we didn't wander up there.

Food-wise, you can't pick a more delicious place! Unique and flavor-full dishes fill the menu, and you really can't go wrong. From soups, stews, salads, and sandwiches, the lunch is anything short of options.

I chose the Jameson Whiskey Onion Soup to start with because 1) I'm Irish and it's a must, and 2) I love French Onion Soup. Topped with skinny fried onion rings, this was one of the best soups I have ever had! My mouth is watering right now just remembering it. Melted cheese poured over the edges and the best bread was soaking inside. The onions were perfect and the Jameson was not overbearing at all. It definitely helped make the soup a little thicker instead of the usual water-based broth.


For my entree, I decided to try one of their specialty  fresh salads. The Strawberry Salmon Salad was a great choice, too! The strawberries, spinach, and salmon were topped with coconut shavings and a light vinaigrette. SO GOOD! I felt like it was honestly priced, too, with the salad coming to $14.


This restaurant is definitely unique and really adorable! It's casual for lunch, but they require reservations for dinner. No reservations are needed for lunch. It's nestled off a main road and near a lot of shops. So of course, my mom and I hit the shops next!

Make sure to check out the coffee shop, One Flight Up, and The Spice & Tea Exchange.

Hope this helps someone!


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